Duschal among the pioneers of change in Turkey, as a product of all the knowledge and cooperation, worldwide. Duschal, with a wide range of services that is the best way to evaluate the information and cooperation network.

Our winning decision has been offering to the market a range of products that STARds out in terms of variety, innovation and research of new alternative products different than others wide product range always functionality and design, smart materials representative items dedicated to modern and innovative products such as complete ranges of sanitaryware and superior quality.

Faced with a changing world that rediscovers the value of quality and sustainability in consumption, we have a primary goal, always keep a high level of innovation on materials, products and processes, always giving more space to eco-friendly products that help to achieve energy savings in our areas of application. Thinking Innovation, therefore, conSTARtly seeking the protection of a fundamental resource with water.

Our mission of the maximum transparency and responsibility in the production, procurement and logistic process even after the sales.